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Transforming the way food is grown with Data and Artificial Intelligence


The all-in-one digital farming system

Prospera visualizes your entire production on a single-pane of glass. Continuously collecting and analyzing vast amounts of farm data to help you control and optimize your production and growing systems.

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Autonomous crop management

Prospera's data science and machine learning brings unprecedented visibility to your fields so you can optimize your irrigation and progress toward autonomous crop management.

When your growing expertise meets our data science

Prospera analyzes multiple layers of farm data to help you optimize your production

Centralized visibility & control

Prospera visualizes your entire production on a single view. With unprecedented levels of control & traceability you can streamline your performance across any number of fields and enhance your decisions with fresh, accurate and complete data.

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Data-powered agronomy

Prospera helps you grow healthier, higher-quality crops. It continuously monitors, enforces and optimizes irrigation, pollination, phenology, fertilization, Pest & Disease, and agro-technical protocols. It helps your agronomists plan with more precision, and optimize their growing systems with confidence.

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Predictable, optimized yield

With up to 95% accurate yield predictions, Prospera provides your sales and purchasing teams with accurate supply forecasts to closely match demand dynamics. It maximizes farm output through optimal variety allocation, planting & harvest planning, inputs selection, and protocol enhancement.

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